Whether you’re using treated, untreated, or synthetic decking, our Deck Flashing Tapes will greatly extend the life of your deck. Our products seal out moisture by fitting over the joists of your deck, preventing rot, mold, and water damage.

Deck Flash Barrier

Use: Covers the tops of a deck’s joists and self-seals around screws, nails, and hidden fasteners.
Sizes: 2x20; 4x60; 4x90

Deck Flash Barrier for Posts and Ledger Boards

Use: Our Deck Flash Barrier material is ideal for covering ledger boards.
Sizes: 2x20; 4x60; 4x90

Butyl Deck Flash Barrier

Use: Classic Deck Flash Barrier redesigned with our super aggressive butyl adhesive.
Sizes: 2x20; 4x60; 4x90